Davis Hall Meetings and Annual Report


in the Committee Room at 7.15 p.m.

 PRESENT: Brian Broomfield, John Case, Lena Morgan, Rob Gordon, Mary Gordon, Graham Wreford,

Derek Street, Jenny Down, Jean Cowan, Peter and Sue Agland, Carol and Simon Mellish, Peter Moore,

John and Joan Saunders

APOLOGIES:  Kathy Miller-Hunt, Paul Jarrett, Bob MacLellan, Iain Aird


AGM 16:01 Trustees noted change of date from Friday 15th August 2014 to 2015.  Minutes were approved on Friday 15th August 2015.


AGM 16:02 The Annual Trustees Report for the year 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016, having been circulated and accepted was agreed and signed.


AGM 16:03 The Chairman presented his report (attached) expressing his gratitude to the volunteers who each in their own way make the hall so successful.  He thanked the volunteers who had used their skills to design and construct such a good looking extension to the original building.  He expressed his hope that the volunteers would long be available to continue their good work on the hall, an important asset to our community.


AGM 16:04 The Treasurer presented the Annual Accounts for the year 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016 which had been approved at the previous meeting, and were duly agreed, accepted and signed.

The total cost of the Extension was £18,189 which included £1,200 for Insurance.

Bookings were up £1,568 on the previous year.

The Draft Budget for the financial year 2016 to 2017 was presented to Trustees. (attached)

The Chairman again thanked Lena for her excellent, and clear, management of the funds.




Chairman: Brian Broomfield                Bookings Secretary: Rob Gordon

Vice Chairman: John Case                   Secretary: Mary Gordon

Treasurer:  Lena Morgan                     Committee: Katherine Miller-Hunt, Paul Jarrett



All Saints Church                       Derek Street                   Art & Craft Group                      Carol Mellish

Camelot Music Night                 Iain Aird                        Camels Short Mat Bowls            Jean Cowan

Cool Country                               Bob MacLellan              Gardening Club                           Sue Agland

Methodist Church                      Peter Moore                  Model Railway Society                Simon Mellish

Theatre Group                            Peter Agland                  Thornford Dancers                      Graham Wreford

West Camel Parish Council        Jenny Down               Western Dancers                          John Saunders


Building works sub committee: Graham Garrett and Simon Mellish

Lunch Club and general information are covered by Committee Members Lena Morgan and Mary Gordon


Nomination to the Trustees:  Peter Naylor (Computer Drop In) Proposed Lena Morgan, Seconded Rob Gordon.  With the addition of Peter Naylor, Trustees were then re-elected en bloc.


AGM 16:06  CARETAKING REPORT  Sarah Torrance cleans Committee Room, Foyer, Kitchen and Toilets once a week on a self-employed basis.  Her husband David has agreed to help with any odd jobs to include changing light bulbs and minor repairs.  Other cleaning continues to be done by volunteers as necessary.

The ‘gully’ alongside the road has been repaired by the Highways Department and white lines will be re-installed at the road end of the drive.  It is hoped that the footpath across the Playing Field can be repaired when additional funds are available from the Solar Farm Trust.  Simon Mellish, with help from Carol as ever, has sealed the edges of the Altro flooring in the Foyer and Kitchen to avoid any further lifting.

A full Electrical Check has been carried out finding no problems but suggesting one or two improvements which have been carried out.  Brian Broomfield kindly carries out full PAT testing on a regular basis.

One alteration has been made to the Solar Electrical system feeding the power through a more effective lead and ensuring that the hot water has first call on the supply.



There was concern that the Hall had been left unlocked after a Yoga session on a day when it was not followed by Lunch Club in the usual way.   Duly noted for future care and attention.

There were no further comments.



          There were no further comments or questions.


Meeting closed at 7.35 p.m.




Trustees Report for the year 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016

The Charity’s governing document is the Trust Deed, the original copy of which is held by Batten & Co, Solicitors, Mansion House, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 1EP

A Committee of 6 people will be formed each year and Representatives of User Groups will make up the remainder of the 16 Trustees.  Additional members of the Committee can be co-opted at normal meetings.  Anyone with a regular booking over twelve months is entitled to a representative.

There are no paid staff.  Trustees receive no remuneration.  Out of pocket expenses on behalf of the Davis Hall are repaid. 

The Charity’s Bankers are: Barclay’s Bank plc, King George Street, Yeovil, Somerset

Our Insurer’s are Ansvar Insurance (through M Wood Insurance Services Ltd) 

Policy Number CCP2211976


The object of the Trustees is to provide a village hall for the use of the inhabitants of the Parish of West Camel in the County of Somerset without distinction of political religious or other opinions, including use for lectures and classes and for other forms of recreation and leisure time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants.


The Trustees are pleased to report that these objectives continue to be met and that a diversified range of uses is successfully catered for without detriment to regular local user groups.  Theatre Group encourages all age groups to enjoy the stage facilities; The Model Railway Society caters for a very large number of train fanciers, again of all ages, with a separate track layout for children and mobile exhibition layouts.  Lunch Club and Art and Craft provide activities for all comers and Thursday Morning Post Office/Bakery, Greetings Cards and Coffee Morning has gained sales of local produce including free range eggs, plants and seasonal fruit and vegetables.  We are pleased to welcome Pam with her scarves and jewellery occasionally.  All Saints Church and The Methodist Church (The Combined Churches) hold their monthly ‘Teatime’ welcoming all denominations to worship in a relaxed, sociable atmosphere.  Gardeners Club membership remains at a high level.   Once a month Camelot Music Night, with a wide variety of live performers from teenagers to ‘old stagers’, continues to thrive.  There are now two Yoga sessions each week .   Pilates remains popular.  Many of our ‘occasional bookings’ have become regular occasional bookings, returning each year.  Various training sessions and workshops swell the daytime bookings and birthday parties continue to increase.  Feedback from users of the Hall is vital in providing a basis for review and forward planning.

Fundraising activities, including the successful monthly Films, and generous donations from users support the fabric of the building and provide for additional equipment. Fundraising also provides entertainment for parishioners of all ages.  Our Premises Licence is comprehensive and covers any event anticipated in the Hall.  The Digital projector and automatic screen add to the range of equipment we are able to offer to prospective hirers.

This year’s accounts show a loss of  £5,772 owing to building expenses for the Extension storeroom (£14,341);  routine maintenance to water heater, Boiler, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm and Intruder Alarm are carried out on an annual basis.  Routine risk assessments are carried out throughout the premises providing a record of any problems and how and when they have been solved.  Repairs and Maintenance are dealt with as they arise by Trustees.




Davis Hall West Camel Trustees Report 2015                                                                                        Page 2


The five yearly Electrical Compliance Test has been carried out in April with no issues arising.  Portable Appliance Testing is done on an Annual Basis each April.

The annual inventory reveals very few losses or breakages so we can meet our 120 crockery and cutlery places advertised.  Lunch Club has again been rewarded with a score of 5 stars being the highest possible rating from the Food Hygiene Authority.

Minutes of regular meetings show clearly defined processes for maintaining and running the hall and continuing satisfaction among user groups.  Trustees continue to look for opportunities to broaden the user base.    The Davis Hall website (www.davishall.co.uk) has earned good feedback and is the main source of new bookings.  The Calendar is popular and the ‘Cinema’ section gets regular ‘hits’.

Cleaning continues on a voluntary basis with the assistance of Sarah Torrance working on a self-employed basis for  up to two hours each week.  Contracts are renewed annually.  Tree Surgeon Chris Lee has carried out hedgecutting.   Window Cleaning is done professionally two or three times a year as necessary.

Eric Read having maintained the grass verge and lawn to a very high standard for over 10 years, retired before the start of the 2016 season in the light of the availability of the ‘Parish Mower’.  Mowing is now done on a volunteer rota basis using the Parish Mower in return for a contribution towards running costs and fuel.

The whole building was redecorated in August 2015.

Work has begun towards replanting the bank on the eastern boundary where growth became totally out of control.  Tim Clark has cleared the growth to ground level and will spray to control weeds ready for replanting either in September or spring 2017.  Tim volunteered his services at no cost.

The Library continues with books donated by the public.  We are indebted to Isobel Jarrett for looking after the Library and keeping the Notice Boards tidy and up to date.

The Computer Club provide a PC with High Speed Broadband connection, printer and scanner for the benefit of the Parish for which we are most grateful.

Simon Mellish and his amazing team of volunteers started work on the Extension/Storeroom in January 2016.  Supported by over £4,000 donations from regular hirers and the expertise of Keith Tingey, construction should be complete by the end of April 2016, enabling us to store tables and chairs at ground floor level and providing more flexible storage options.

It has been an extremely busy year providing a facility that more than meets the objectives set out.  The regular high level of bookings reflects the fastidious care for the Hall shown by all users and caretakers and the repeat bookings reflect not only the condition of the Hall but the welcoming atmosphere afforded by all involved in running it.  Trustees have put in considerable effort to maintain the premises including the car park and surrounding area in good shape.


Mary G. Gordon Secretary to the Trustees

1st June 2016


MINUTES of the meeting held in the Committee Room on Friday 5th August 2016 at 7.30 p.m.


PRESENT: Brian Broomfield, John Case, Lena Morgan, Mary Gordon, Rob Gordon, Kathy Miller-Hunt, Paul Jarrett, Sue and Peter Agland, Jean Cowan, Jenny Down, Peter Moore, John and Joan Saunders, Derek Street, Graham Wreford

APOLOGIES: Peter Naylor, Bob MacLellan, Iain Aird

16:26  MINUTES of the meetings held on 3rd June 2016 (Pre Meeting, AGM and Regular Meeting) having been circulated were agreed and signed as an accurate record.

Kathy Miller-Hunt signed Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


Bank Balances: Current A/c  £5,189

               Base Rate A/c £10,177


16:28  BOOKINGS  RG reported healthy bookings over £1k for the next 6 months in spite of cancellation of Tractor Exhibition and  no Theatre Group rehearsal bookings.  There have been plenty of parties and future bookings look healthy.



Discussed whether to cover wall with plastic sheeting against chair damage or return chairs to the coat hook corner.  Once floor restoration complete chairs to go back in the corner as this is already protected at least while the wall is repainted. (MG)

Electric fence to be restored. (MG)

Hedge cutting imminent.

Floor restoration 8 – 12 August by Total Floor Restoration of Bridgwater. Hall to be cleared after ‘Teatime’ on 7th August.


16:30 EVENTS

August 26th  Film:  The Dressmaker

August 31st  Camelot Music Night

September 3rd Flower Show

Sept. 9th/10th/11th  Ellwood Party

Sept. 14th SCC  (Microphone and Projector)

Sept. 23rd  Simon  Folk Singer 7.30 – 10

September 28th Camelot Music Night

Sept. 30th Film: Our Kind of Traitor

October 9th  Harvest Lunch 11 – 3

16:31  USER GROUP COMMENTS  There were no comments.

Date of next meeting:  Friday 21st October 2016, 7.30 p.m.


MINUTES of the meeting held on Friday 21st October 2016 at 7.30 p.m. in the Committee Room


PRESENT: Brian Broomfield, John Case, Lena Morgan, Rob and Mary Gordon, Kathy Miller-Hunt, Graham Wreford, Jenny Down, Carol Mellish, Peter Moore, Sue and Peter Agland


APOLOGIES: Jean Cowan, Peter Naylor, Bob MacLellan, John Saunders, Iaian Aird, Derek Street, Simon Mellish.


16:32  MINUTES of the meeting held on 5th August, having been circulated, were approved and signed.

The Chairman read letters of thanks from Paul and Isobel Jarrett, for their leaving gift and Keith Tingey on behalf of those attending the Builders’ Thank You Dinner.




Bank Balances: Current Account:   £4,919.00

                                         Base Rate A/c:  £10,186.00             Total          £15,105.00


FIT payment received £209.00


Business rate for the year £9,700 but fully exempt so nothing to pay.



Average takings per month had risen to £1,130 against a projected £1,000.  September had been the best month ever at £1,800.  The Diary is very full with a rash of parties on the horizon.



Metal strip under main hall door to be replaced.

2 Strip lights out.

Electric fence working.

MG circulate message re old heavy tables to good home.


16:36  EVENTS

3 day party had created some hassle.  Agreed better not to repeat.

BHF Concert on 20th November postponed to 7th May 2017

25th November Film: The Man Who Knew Infinity

30th November  Camelot Music Night

9th December  Combined Churches Christmas Teas

10th December  Yeovil Town Band Christmas Concert 7 p.m.

16th December Film:  Money Monster

31st December  Model Rail Exhibition


Ceilidh on 18th February – Agreed to go ahead at £300. Action MG

Shoo Shoo Baby Burlesque Cabaret offered in May.  Agreed unlikely to cover £500 fee so ‘No’. Action MG



Theatre Group will be putting an entertainment on in March.  No Panto this year.



All three Hallmarks were re-awarded following this years’ visit.  The Davis Hall won the Area Management Achievement Award.  Shield displayed in Millennium Map case.(To be returned by 30th September 2017)

Kathy Miller-Hunt asked the meeting to acknowledge that Mary had put a lot of work into the administration of the Hall to achieve this.  MG pointed out that it wasn’t just the paperwork but the contribution of hirers and volunteers that won the award.



Lena had no response to her Games Night.  Will try a Wednesday night and advertise more widely in The Chronicle and with Posters.


MG to write thank yous to Joy Whittington for offer of Mince pies on 22nd December and for her donations to the MacMillan Coffee Morning.


Date of Next Meeting Friday 9th December 2016 at 7.30 (Model Railway Dinner on 2nd December)


Minutes of the meeting held on Friday 3rd February 2017 at 7.30 p.m. in the Committee Room


PRESENT:  Brian Broomfield, Mary Gordon, Rob Gordon, Graham Wreford, Peter Moore,

Jean Cowan, Pete Naylor, Peter and Sue Agland.


APOLOGIES:  Iain Aird, John Case, Jenny Down, Bob MacLellan, Kathy Miller-Hunt,

Lena Morgan, John Saunders, Derek Street.


17:01  MINUTES of the meeting held on 9th December 2016, having been circulated were amended to show £3,600 repaid to Lottery Board being the final repayment, and then signed as an accurate record.



            Bank Balances:  Base Rate Savings Account     10,198.99

                                         Current Account                          2,786.62

                                                            Total                          12,985.61


Our share from the Rotary Christmas Draw  £179.00, collected by Brian Broomfield.


17:03  BOOKINGS  RG reported January over £1,300.  Our standard projected earnings per month were £1k, the next three months are all over £1,260.


17:04  EVENTS


10th February                ‘Call My Bluff’ (Puddings and Bar)

12th February  Chinese New Year

18th February  Ceilidh/Barn Dance with supper and bar

22nd February  Camelot Music Night  (bar and refreshments)

24th February  1 – 5.30 Charity Bridge Event

24th February  Film: ‘I, Daniel Blake’  (bar)

10th March        Mott MacDonald A303 Consultation Event 10 – 5

18th March        Murder Mystery  (bar)

29th March        Camelot Music Night

31st March  Film: ‘A Streetcat Named Bob’

22nd April          Oxley Charity Folk Event

26th April           Music Night

28th April Film: ‘ Sully’



Quotation received for replacing lighting in Main Hall and Committee Room.  Mary will circulate . (Will also get a second quote for comparison)  Main hall light fittings are showing signs of age and making it difficult to replace bulbs.  It is intended to go over to LED bulbs in light panels.  Uplighters can be adapted and still be on dimmers.

Committee agreed it would be worth getting a further quotation to include the remaining areas – i.e. kitchen and foyer.  Toilet light fittings are manageable as reachable from a stepladder.


Simon Mellish has fitted a hinged trap door to the roof ara between the kitchen and Committee room for safer access.


Thermoglaze have replaced foyer door hinges (under guarantee)


One Dimmer Switch replaced in Main Hall (Phil Reed)


Immersun/Hot Water sorted by GR Edwardes


Tim Clark has the western bank weeding in hand.  New growth to be sprayd when appropriate with a view to replanting in September.


A new heating control has been fitted.  Hirers need to be aware that if they press the Advance switch for extra heat they need to press it again to turn it off before they leave.  The new system does not give one extra hour but runs until the end of the next timed session – which might not be until 10 a.m. the following morning – meaning the heating would run all night.  Carol has put a sign on the control and on the Foyer door to this effect.



Need an estimate of how long the lighting work would take.  Visit other installations to make sure we like how lights look and work.

MG speak to Phil Reed to clarify one paragraph in quote.


Murder Mystery rehearsals going well.




David Torrance has taken over cleaning from Sarah, his wife.  MG to give full instructions and get contract signed.  David will be self employed and will be paid £8 per hour, to be reviewed annually.


Meeting closed at 19:55


Date of next meeting:  Friday  7th April 2017 at 7.30 p.m.