Davis Hall Meetings and Annual Report

The Davis Hall, West Camel

Registered Charity Number 1070729

Howell Hill, West Camel, Yeovil, Somerset  BA22 7QX

Minutes of the Annual General meeting held at 7.15 p.m. on Friday 9th June 2017


Chairman          Brian Broomfield                       Treasurer                      Lena Morgan

Vice Chairman  John Case                                 Bookings Secretary       Rob Gordon

Secretary:         Mary Gordon                             Committee Member:      Kathy Miller-Hunt


Graham  Wreford          Thornford Sequence Dancers

Jean Cowan                  Camels Short Mat Bowls

Carol Mellish                 Art & Craft

Simon Mellish                West Camel Model Railway Society

Peter Agland                 Theatre Group

Sue Agland                   Gardeners Club

John Saunders              Western Dancers & Cool Country

Nick Hill  St. Michael’s Scottish Dancers, Joan Saunders, David Torrance (Cleaner)


Peter Naylor      Computer Club                          Jenny Down      West Camel Parish Council

Bob MacLellan  Cool Country                             Iain Aird            Camelot Music Night                             Peter Moore              Methodist Church                      Derek Street      All Saints Church

AGM 17:01  MINUTES of the Annual General Meeting held on 3rd June 2016 had been accepted and signed on 5th August 2016.


The Trustees Annual Report for the year 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017, having been circulated and accepted was agreed and signed.

AGM 17:03  CHAIRMAN’S REPORT  In his report the Chairman thanked the officers for their valuable help and all Trustees for their continued support in making the Hall so successful.  (Report attached)


Lena presented the accounts for the year 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017 which had been approved at the previous meeting and were duly agreed, accepted and signed.

Lena supplied a draft budget for the next twelve months (attached).

Whereas last year’s accounts had shown a deficit owing to repayment of the loan from the Lottery Board, there was every indication that this year would show a profit, even taking into account the renewal of the light fittings.

FIT payments for the year totalled £1,456 and electricity costs £934.


Having received no notices of changes, Trustees agreed they were happy to be re-elected en bloc.

MG to check with Trustees not present.


Chairman: Brian Broomfield                       Bookings Secretary: Rob Gordon

Vice Chairman: John Case                            Secretary: Mary Gordon

Treasurer: Lena Morgan                               Committee: Katherine Miller-Hunt


All Saints Church                                               Derek Street

Art & Craft Group                                            Carol Mellish

Camelot Music Night                                      Iain Aird

Camels Short Mast Bowls                              Jean Cowan

Computer Club                                                  Peter Naylor

Cool Country                                                      Bob MacLellan

Gardening Club                                                 Sue Agland

Methodist Church                                            Peter Moore

Model Railway Society                                   Simon Mellish

Theatre Group                                                  Peter Agland

Thornford Dancers                                          Graham Wreford

West Camel Parish Council                           Jenny Down

Western Dancers                                             John Saunders


Building Works sub committee: Simon Mellish and Graham Garrett

Lunch Club and general information are covered by Committee Members Lena Morgan and Mary Gordon


Lighting to be replaced June/July 2017 in Main Hall and Committee Room.

Taps in Ladies, Disabled and outside toilets to be replaced with push top timed fittings to match Gents.

Main Hall floor condition to be monitored by Total Floor Restoration of Bridgwater in August.

Trustees expressed their gratitude to David Torrance who has taken on Hall Cleaning this year.


 There were calls for all hirers to take on board the need to leave the hall as they found it – clean and  ready for the next hiring, floors swept, tables wiped and correctly stored and all rubbish removed. 


Meeting closed at 19:25



The Davis Hall, West Camel

Registered Charity Number 1070729

Howell Hill, West Camel, Yeovil, Somerset  BA22 7QX



Minutes of the Regular meeting held at 7.15 p.m. on Friday 9th June 2017




Chairman                Brian Broomfield                                     Treasurer                                Lena Morgan

Vice Chairman        John Case                                               Bookings Secretary                 Rob Gordon

Secretary:               Mary Gordon                                           Committee Member:               Kathy Miller-Hunt



Graham Wreford                     Thornford Sequence Dancers

Jean Cowan                           Camels Short Mat Bowls

Carol Mellish                          Art & Craft

Simon Mellish                         West Camel Model Railway Society

Peter Agland                          Theatre Group

Sue Agland                             Gardeners Club

John Saunders                       Western Dancers & Cool Country


Nick Hill    St. Michael’s Scottish Dancers, Joan Saunders, David Torrance (Cleaner)



Peter Naylor            Computer Club                                       Jenny Down            West Camel Parish Council

Bob MacLellan        Cool Country                                           Iain Aird                  Camelot Music Night

Peter Moore            Methodist Church                                   Derek Street            All Saints Church


17:15  DECLARATAIONS OF ACCEPTANCE OF OFFICE were signed by all Trustees present.  Absentees to sign at earliest convenience.


17:16  ELECTION OF OFFICERS  There being no changes and all willing to stand, officers were re-elected en bloc.


17:17 MINUTES of the meeting held on 7th June 2017 having been circulated, were agreed to be a true record and signed.



Bank Balances:  Community Account  3,093

( Transfer to Base Rate a/c                4,000)

Base Rate Account               14,207



FIT payment of £414.00 for the last quarter had been received.

Lena presented a Draft Budget for the year 2017/2018.


17:19  BOOKINGS  are healthy bringing in an average of £1,030 a month for the next six months against a target of £1,000.



As per AGM: Agreed to install push taps to all toilets.

Lighting to be updated June/July 2017.  Solid panels in Main Hall and downlighters in Committee Room. MG to obtain ceiling tiles.

Chris Lee will trim western hedge and strim off weeds on bank;  agreed to cover bank with DPVC sheeting to kill off growth as opposed to repeating strong weedkiller treatment.

MG to inform Simon Mellish when Chris strimming the bank.


Discussed replacing picnic tables which are becoming a hazard and splintering.  MG to obtain prices of recycled plastic versus wooden ones.  Nick Hill warned plastic ones can get uncomfortably hot in the sun.


17:21  EVENTS

Friday 2nd June  Railway Exhibition set up, Saturday 3rd June, Railway Exhibition

Thursday 8th June  Election

Sunday 25th June  Girl Guides Cream Tea

Wednesday 28th June  Camelot Music Night

Friday 30th June  Film:  Lion

SundaY 9TH July or Saturday 15th  Guides Cream Tea

Wednesday 26th July  Camelot Music Night

Thursday 27th July  Film Night   Hacksaw Ridge

28th – 30th July  Art Exhibition  (to be confirmed)

Saturday 19th August   Flower Show



As per AGM.  Request ALL hirers leave hall and equipment clean and ready for next hirer quoting relevant paragraph from Hiring Agreement.  This  includes sorting tables onto the correct trolley by size and colour code and putting trolleys away; sweeping and if necessary mopping spills off floors and checking toilets are as you would like to find them.


There had been a report of cups not being properly cleaned with the suggestion the dishwasher wasn’t working.  It is more likely they have been washed by hand with insufficient care, the dishwasher is performing normally.  Cups, saucers and mugs do stain particularly if left standing some time with coffee or tea in them.  Stains can be removed with a sprinkle of salt and a good rub with a finger.


Meeting closed at 20:54




MINUTES of the meeting held on Friday 4th August 2017 in the Committee Room


PRESENT:  Brian Broomfield, Lena Morgan, Mary Gordon, Rob Gordon, Kathy Miller-Hunt, Derek Street, Graham Wreford, Jenny Down, Jean Cowan, Peter Naylor, John Saunders, Simon Mellish.


Joan Saunders, Frieda Garrett


APOLOGIES:  Bob MacLellan, Iain Aird, Peter Moore, Peter and Sue Agland, Carol Mellish


The Meeting opened with one minutes’ silence to commemorate John Case, a founding father of The Davis Hall who had given countless hours to the hall, inside and out.


17:24  MINUTES of the meetings held on 2nd June 2017.  Pre-Meeting, AGM and Regular Meeting (circulated) were agreed and signed.


17:25  Possible Removal of Bund and Eastern Boundary Hedge and replacement with sound and light barrier fence.

After discussions at the last meeting of how to manage the ‘bund’ alternative solutions have been looked into including removing the bund and hedge and replacing them with a sound deadening fence two metres high which would also considerably blot out light from headlights and the PIR lights on the outside of the Hall for neighbouring properties.

Simon Mellish outlined progress so far;

Sarah Davenport could accommodate the bund material as they are filling in a dip in a field.  Andy Case would be prepared to do the digging, including removing the hedge which can be burnt.

Keith Tingey is looking at costings and at what materials would be suitable for the fencing.  ‘Colourfence’ comes with a 25 year guarantee; timber as used along motorways has a 20 year guarantee.  There are various solutions which Keith is looking into.

We would gain 12 parking spaces – surface to be permeable solid gravel draining to the ditch on the southern boundary.  Permeable tarmac could be applied at a later date when funds have recovered.

Simon’s initial costings come to between 7 and 8 thousand pounds.

Trustees are agreed the scheme should be progressed.

MG to visit the new owners of Bowers and Mr and Mrs Marsh at Fairfield, to bring them into the picture and include their preferences for the fence before proceeding with Planning Application for a variation of the original consent.


17:26 Declarations of acceptance of office:  signed by those not present at the AGM.

Owing to the death of John Case a Vice Chairman was needed.  Kathy Miller-Hunt (Proposed Mary Gordon, Seconded Lena Morgan) was duly elected.  All in favour.

It was agreed the Community should be approached to bring in some younger people to the Trustees with the possibility that some older members might wish to become ‘Founder Members’ and create some space for fresh blood among the Trustees.  MG clarified that anyone can be a Trustee, they do not have to represent an organisation that hires the hall.

MG to draft an invitation for The Chronicle.



Bank Balances:  Current A/c        1,483

Base Rate        12,210

Total               13,693


Substantial Payments:  Lighting     £4,245

Picnic Tables       297

Control Taps        464


Water charges have gone up considerably.

Minutes 04.08.17 contd.




Rob reported healthy bookings for the next six months to January 2018 with an average of over £1,200 per month against a budget of £1,000.



MG showed Trustees Keith Tingey’s ‘magnum opus’ – the record of building the Davis Hall recorded on CD’s with a written reference from day one to completion of construction.  Trustees were blown away by the details available the significance of which will continue to be invaluable to anyone doing any work at the Hall.  MG will keep this with the filing and anyone needing information can access it on her PC or must sign when they take a CD from the set and when they return it.

Brian suggested a meal voucher from the Walnut Tree would be a token of our appreciation of Keith’s hard work.

All in favour.  MG liaise with Walnut Tree and write to Keith and Brenda.


MG to advertise surplus fluorescent tubes on Swapshop.


17:30  EVENTS

Flower Show 19th August

Film: Viceroy’s House  25th August

Guides Cream Tea  Sunday 27th August

Camelot Music Night 30th August

IPad Course September 13,20,27

Harvest Lunch 8th October

Race Night  18th November.  Davis Hall to do food.


17:31  USER GROUP COMMENTS     Nothing to report




Agreed to provide a food hamper for Church Fete Raffle Prize.  MG/LM


Meeting closed at 8.26 p.m.


Date of Next Meeting:  Rob suggests we try the second Friday in the month in order not to clash with Strictly Jive which causes a Parking problem for incoming ‘JIvers’.  It would also be quieter.

Therefore, can we go for 13th October 2017 for the next meeting and December 8th for the following one.

Please let me know if this does not work for anyone. MG



The Davis Hall, West Camel

Registered Charity Number 1070729

Howell Hill, West Camel, Yeovil, Somerset  BA22 7QX



at 7.30 p.m. in the Committee Room


PRESENT: Brian Broomfield, Lena Morgan, Rob Gordon, Mary Gordon, Derek Street, Peter and Sue Agland, John and Joan Saunders , Jenny Down, Peter Naylor,

Carol and Simon Mellish.


APOLOGIES: Kathy Miller-Hunt, Bob MacLellan, Jean Cowan, Iaian Aird, Peter Moore, Graham Wreford


17:33 MINUTES of the meeting held on 04.08.17, having been circulated were agreed to be an accurate record and signed.


17:34  REMOVAL OF BUND  A response is expected from the Planning Department after 24th October.  There have been no objections.  Simon will contact ColourFence for lead in times and quotation.



            Current A/c                      £3,604                  Base Rate Savings A/c £12,215

Lena reported that she had overpaid the Lottery Board £1,800 when repaying the loan for the photovoltaic panels.  This will be refunded and she is setting it aside to cover Main Hall floor treatment.


17:36  BOOKINGS  Rob reported bookings amounting to £1,200 per month for the next six months – he is now budgeting on an average of £1,100.



Phil Reed had checked Vent Axia in Ladies – switched off at isolation switch above door.  Vent Axia in toilet for the disabled non-functional – he will replace it and the Running Man safety light over the main entrance to the Main Hall.  Simon will repair plasterwork knocked in the entrance to the storeroom.  MG will replace missing curtain runners at stage right.

Main Hall floor to receive treatment 21/22 December 2017.

If downlighters in Committee Room either flash or one goes out, they have been turned down too low on the dimmer switch alongside the door into the main hall.


17:38  EVENTS

8TH October, Harvest Lunch had been well attended.

Race Night on 18th November; proceeds to be shared between Theatre Group and Davis Hall.  Lena would help buy food and prepare but would not be there on the evening.  MG in Ireland.  Kim Bailey and Melanie Smallwood in charge of food, would appreciate help particularly with clearing up.

Camelot Music Nights October 25th and November 29th

Films:  27th October  ‘Whiskey Galore’ and 24th November  ‘Churchill’


17:39  USER GROUP COMMENTS  There were comments concerning inadequate clearing up.



MG had circulated a draft request for new members to join the Committee.  Agreed to put it out on the Village e-mail.

Discussed whether to supply additional regular hirers with their own keys, or install a key box for the Main Entrance.  Agreed to supply keys.  MG will have four cut.


Meeting closed at 8.10 p.m.