Davis Hall Committee Meeting

Open to anyone

On the first Friday of alternate months (February/April/June etc.)  Check Calendar as some meetings held on Thursdays to accommodate other bookings.

5.30 p.m. in The Committee Room

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2019 Annual General Meeting  will be held on 6th June at 5.00 p.m.    As Ever – All Welcome



MINUTES of the meeting held on Friday, 7 December 2018.


Present: Brian Broomfield; Kim Bailey; Alison Stevens; Lena Morgan; Jeff Smallwood; Mary Gordon; Rob Gordon.  Barry Gadsden from 7.50pm


Apologies: Carol Mellish; Simon Mellish; Kathy Miller-Hunt; Peter Agland; Sue Agland; John Saunders; Bob MacLellan; Derek Street; Kate Kirkham.


18:44 Minutes of the previous meeting held on 5 October 2018 had been circulated and were agreed to be an accurate record and signed.


18:45 Treasurer’s Report

Account £
Bank current account balance 4,647.00
Base rate savings account balance 15,249.00
Total funds 19,896.00

Kim reported that the electricity contract with SSE had been renewed for a further 2 years, until February 2021.  Other contractors will not continue with the FiT rate payments so it was agreed to be beneficial to stay with our current suppliers.


The Ansvar Insurance policy for the hall buildings has been renewed at a cost of £1,128.42 (£60 increase on last year).


The Parish Council have written to confirm they will once again meet the costs of fuel and servicing for the community mower.


A quote had been received to change the 3 blown double-glazing panels for £308.37, with an additional £50 to carry out the annual door adjustment service.  This was accepted.


There is currently no wording in the Financial Policy with regard to expenditure and authorisation.  It was agreed that a note be added to the fact that any expenditure under £200 did not need to be authorised beforehand; expenses over £200 but less than £500 would need prior authorisation by the treasurer; and expenses of £500 would need the prior approval of the committee.  Expenses are only claimed by current committee members.


18:46 Bookings

In Kate’s absence, Kim mentioned that bookings were still good and paid on time.  The only outstanding rent is for SCC.


Mary mentioned that John Saunders had asked if Cool Country would be charged for use of light and sound under the new charging scheme.  They had attended the training on use of the equipment and made their own settings, without assistance from Derek.  Rob offered to speak to Kate about Cool Country.


After discussion it was agreed there would be 3 levels of charging:-

  • Use of hall only
  • Use of hall with light and sound equipment
  • Use of hall with light and sound equipment and assistance with setup.


Georgie, from Yoga, had queried the increase in the hire rates from 2020.  It was agreed that her Yoga class could use the committee room free of charge for the 4 nights they are unable to use the main hall due to Gardening Club events, but that the increased rate would apply to the use of the main hall.




18:47 Caretaking Maintenance and Repairs

Kitchen flooring – Mary confirmed she was still awaiting one further quote, which is due to arrive after 15 December 2018.  There is a split in the foyer and the gents’ toilet area is not good but not considered dangerous.  It was proving quite difficult to obtain like-for-like quotes with regard to taking out fittings or ‘cutting around’.  Mary and Lena agreed to coordinate regular cleaning of the men’s toilets.


Revised quotes for the replacement of the footpath through the playarea, to include concrete edging (as agreed with the Parish Council), had been received as follows:-

  1. Avalon Surfacing and Construction Co Ltd – £9,910.00 plus VAT = £11,892.00
  2. Patio and Driveway Company Limited – £9,057.00 plus VAT = £10,868.40

It was agreed to accept the Patio and Driveway Company Limited quote, and to arrange for works to be carried out next spring.  Alison would prepare an application to the Community Benefit Fund for a contribution towards the work of up to 50%.


It was raised that we might ask Yarlington Housing, who are responsible for the Fore Street end of the pathway, about improving wheelchair/mobility scooter access at the bottom, near the railings.  Alison to write a letter.


Other matters raised that require attention were:-

Bottom bolt on the external door to the new storage area – MG/BB

Window blinds not closing correctly – MG

Outside light requiring new bulb – MG


Sound and lighting access

Barry Gadsden kindly came and spoke to the meeting regarding access and use of the lighting and sound equipment.  As it stands currently, the system is setup and operated from the gallery, usually by Derek Street.  The feasibility of this going forward was discussed.  Derek, Barry and Chris Kirkham have kindly agreed to put together details of options regarding updating the system to enable basic operation from the stage area, but still bearing in mind the needs for the village panto.  Barry shared a copy of a flow chart from Cerne Abbas hall detailing their ‘quick start’ method for their audio-visual system.


The committee recognised the time and effort put in by both Barry and Derek, and their commitment to try and find a ‘fool proof’ system that would ease the burden.  Jeff Smallwood agreed to help with putting together a table showing current usage by hirers and meeting their needs.


Once details and potential costings are known it was suggested that a possible lottery funding application may be submitted.  This can only be done once every four years.  It was agreed to shelve the purchase of new staging for the time being, in favour of the upgraded audio-visual system, which is more pressing.


18:48 Events – list of forthcoming events circulated with agenda:-

Date Event
12/12/2018 Wincanton Falcons
14/12/2018 Film Night
15/12/2018 Jive
16/12/2018 Sound Healing
16/12/2018 Private party
22/12/2018 Thornford Dancers
28/12/2018 Railway Club Xmas show set up
29/12/2018 Railway Club Xmas show
31/12/2018 Cool Country


18:49 Correspondence

No further correspondence other than quote received as above.


18:50 User Group Comments

Lena mentioned that it was necessary to order more oil – 500l a time as there is a risk of theft.

The coffee morning are looking for more volunteers.


18:51 Any Other Business


DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 1 February 2019


Meeting closed – 20:35