Whisky Galore

Friday 27th October   Doors open 7 p.m. for 7.30 start

Tickets on the door £5

Licenced Bar, Tea and Coffee





This is the trailer for the 2016 remake of the classic movie Whisky Galore which has recently been released. Whisky Galore was originally a novel by Compton Mackenzie, a story of a whisky shortage, a ship running aground with a cargo of whisky and its theft by the local islanders which is told with humour and shows the spirit of the island people. As most Scotch whisky enthusiasts will know Whisky Galore was actually based upon a true event, in 1941 during a storm the cargo ship the SS Politician foundered off the Isle Of Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. Its cargo was 50,000 cases of Scotch whisky. As it was war time the nearby Scottish islanders of Todday had a shortage of their favourite dram and proceeded to “rescue” the whisky cargo from the wrecked ship which then led to a game of cat & Mouse with the authorities. Whisky Galore 2016 was directed by Gillies MacKinnon and stars Eddie Izzard, Gregor Fisher, Brian Pettifer, Ellie Kendrick, Kevin Guthrie and Naomi Battrick. According to director Gillies MacKinnon, the Whisky Galore 2016 film is a modern interpretation, not a remake: “The style is contemporary, embracing drama, romance and comedy, with an array of colourful characters providing a platform for a wonderful cast.”[

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